No elimination this week in Bigg Boss Telugu 4

Hyderabad, November 27: Anchor Lasya got eliminated from the show last week. It appears that there is going to be no elimination this week in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. As the show approaches its end, all the seven remaining contestants have upped the ante in strategising.

There is talk of either Ariana Glory or Mukku Avinash getting eliminated this week. Firstly, the Bigg Boss organizers have decided against showing the door to none of the contestants in bigg boss telugu elimination.

Secondly, strong candidates Akhil Sarthak, Monal Gajjar, Ariyana and Avinash are the four contestants in elimination.

No Elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu This Week

Since all four contestants are strong candidates in terms of voting, the 12th week might not see any elimination. This move was aimed at the remaining few weeks will see bigg boss telugu elimination for sure.

Among the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants lined up for the exit, Monal grossed highest voting share this week. Akhil stood second followed by Ariyana and Avinash.

Voting Trends This Week: Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination

Ariyana and Avinash share a cordial relationship, at times either of them going above the line for protecting each other. The 27-year-old Ariyana and Avinash have gone over and above to save each other from nominations and also during tasks.

Often, the two have expressed gratitude for each other while communicating with the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 host Nagarjuna Akkineni.

Monal’s surprise show of strength

And Monal seems to have gained the edge from her recent fallout with Akhil, a serious contender for the season title. Also, Abhijeet Doddala, one of the top contenders for the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 title, got irked by some comments.

Certain statements over his past links with Monal have come under dicussion, which have hurt his morale. All in all, Monal seems to have holding the key catalyst in decided the title winner.

Watch out this space for latest updates on Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Picture shows Ariyana Glory, a contestant in the popular Telugu reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

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